Loving Your Older Dog #BrightMind

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Hello! I’m so excited about today’s post! Actually, I should say my kiddos are excited about today’s post! ha! They worked super hard making a little video featuring our favorite dog in the whole world, Baxter on how we show him how much we love him. Baxter has been a member of our family for 5 years. We adopted him when he was 4 years old. So that makes him an old man at age 9. (Dogs age 7 & up are considered seniors.) Don’t tell him that though! 😉 His most favorite thing to do is be with “his” kiddos, & he can’t wait to see them everyday when they come home from school. We want Baxter to be a healthy member of our family for many years to come. So we were super excited to try out the new Purina ProPlan Bright Mind dog food. Over the last several weeks we have gradually made the switch to this new dog food for our senior dog. This food is specially formulated to increase cognitive awareness in dogs like Baxter. We are looking forward to the benefits it can give to our furry friend. So let me tell you more!

Loving Your Older Dog #BrightMind #AD

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Do you know how many dogs are in the U.S. right now? We have about 87 million dogs in our country, & about 44% of them fall into the “senior” category. That is a lot of older dogs! Around the 7 year mark a dog’s brain begins to change. Their glucose metabolism isn’t what it used to be, & this can affect their memory, how they learn, what they are aware of & their decision making. Purina Pro Plan has found a way to help alertness & mental sharpness in these senior dogs. They have used what they’ve learned & introduced Purina ProPlan Bright Mind Adult 7+ formulas. You can find these dog foods at your local PetSmart store.

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What I am hoping to see from feeding our dog Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind is to see Baxter having more interest in playing & interacting with our family. I love watching him play with the kiddos. Fetch used to be his favorite game. I hoping to see him enjoy that game like he used to!

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Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind contains enhanced botanical oils. These oils have been shown to promote alertness & mental sharpness in senior dogs with results you can see within 30 days. These oils promote memory, attention & trainability. I will update when we have passed that 30 day period & share how Baxter is doing. So stay tuned!

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So far I can say Baxter is enjoying the food. He hasn’t complained about the taste! He loves it. We have tried both the large breed formula & the chicken & rice formula. 😉

baxter dog food

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He also didn’t complain when he got to take a little trip to PetSmart. I’m not going to lie I generally don’t take Baxter with me to the pet store. ha! He is not as well behaved as some of the dogs I’ve seen there, & he sheds like crazy this time of year. Buuuut he did really good, & my car survived! Good boy, Baxter! 🙂


Remember you can find Purina ProPlan Bright Mind at PetSmart in the dog food aisle.

#BrightMind Dog Food
Purina sent us a fun GoPro camera & a dog harness for Baxter. So Baxter actually got to help make this little video showing you how he fits into our family’s life. He loves going on walks, playing in the yard & being with us. We show love to Baxter by playing with him, feeding him, going on walks & scratching his belly! So enjoy this video shot through the eyes of our dog, Baxter!


Do you have an older dog? How to you show your dog you love them?
I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below. 🙂

Loving Your Older Dog #BrightMind #AD

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