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Good morning! How was your Labor Day? Fantastic, I hope. 🙂 I think we labored a little bit too much! ha! We are busy working on a huge project as a family. I’ll share more details soon. A few weeks ago I was able to attend the Cricut Mountain Make-a-thon in Salt Lake City. It was nice to get away & relax & mingle with some amazing bloggers & friends. While I was there, Cricut announced 3 brand new products. Eek! I’ll be telling you all about each of them in the coming weeks. By the way, my Cricut Maker just arrived a few weeks ago! I can’t wait to start creating with it soon. Buuuut first I’d love to introduce you to the brand new Cricut BrightPad™. Annnd I’ll be answering another question in my Cricut Question Series! 🙂

Meet the Cricut BrightPad™ #CricutMade #ad

Cricut BrightPad™ 1

From Cricut ~

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad™ makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain. It illuminates fine lines for tracing, cut lines for weeding, and more. 

• Lightweight, durable Cricut BrightPad™ with adjustable LED light
• 5 brightness settings
• 6H Hardness* Surface (scratch resistant)
• 9 in. x 11.5 in. lit area
• 6-ft. USB power cord with wall power adapter
• Nonslip base for ease of use on desk or table

I absolutely love this sleek little machine! I will use the BrightPad mainly for weeding heat transfer vinyl. For any of you that have ever used heat transfer vinyl, you know how hard it is to see the cut lines! It’s tough! Annnnd the BrightPad will make this so much easier.

Cricut BrightPad™ 5

The BrightPad comes in a nice, sturdy box with a place to store your power cord underneath. I would recommend saving the box, and using it for storing your BrightPad.

Cricut BrightPad™ 7

I would also recommend picking up this weeding tool set. It has just about every weeding tool imaginable!

Cricut BrightPad™ 4 
The BrightPad has 5 brightness settings, so it’s easy to pick one that is perfect for your project. Above you can see what this piece of heat transfer material looks like just sitting on my craft table. Below you can see how it looks with the BrightPad lit up underneath. Those lines just pop! It makes it so much easier to weed. Annnnd you won’t end up weeding something you’re not suppose to! #beentheredonethat


You can pick up a BrightPad here.

Cricut BrightPad™ 2

Alright, I hope you’ve been following along with my Cricut Question Series. 🙂 If not, you can find question 1 here & question 2 here & question 3 here & question 4 here & question 5 here & question 6 here & question 7 here & question 8 here & question 9 here. Now we are up to question 10 ~ Will I use the Cricut machine enough to justify the price? Ummmmmm…..yes! Buying an electronic cutting tool like the Cricut is a huge investment, & it does cost a lot of money upfront. Buuuut I can tell you that just by being able to cut my own vinyl I have saved hundreds & hundreds of dollars.

Cricut Question Series at  Will I use the Cricut machine enough to justify the price

Before I cut my own vinyl, I would order vinyl from online retailers. I literally would spend hundreds of dollars doing this for Christmas gifts, for my home, for Super Saturdays, craft nights & more. Now I can cut my own vinyl for a fraction of the cost! I also love having the freedom to create my own designs. A few years ago I had an Etsy shop. I was able to sell some of my vinyl designs there & make money as well. I ended up closing up my shop because I had too many orders! I couldn’t keep up! Also, I save tons of money by making my own home decor & signs. Custom signs can sell for hundreds of dollars. By making your own things, you’ll save money as well.

Do you own a Cricut? Do you think it’s worth the investment? Are you excited about the BrightPad as well? I have a feeling my oldest son is going to want to use for his artwork. It works great as a tracing tablet as well. 😉 Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂

Meet the Cricut BrightPad™ #CricutMade #ad

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