monday’s mom {4th of July kid’s craft}

 Happy 4th of July!
Hope everyone is having a happy, safe & fun holiday!
I want to thank A Pumpkin & a Princess for giving me
this idea for a great 4th of July craft for the kiddos.

It’s super simple & easy to do, and if your kiddos love
to glue & paint {like mine do!} then this is the perfect craft for them. 🙂

You’ll need jumbo popsicle sticks.
{Did you know that you can cut popsicle sticks with scissors?} 
I didn’t either, but it was super easy to do with a pair of my kiddo’s school scissors. 
You’ll need to cut (2) 3 1/2 inch sticks and (3) 3 inch sticks.
You’ll also need 5 uncut popsicle sticks.
You’ll also need some stars.  I cut mine out of white card stock with my star punch.
{You could also use stickers, paint or whatever you have around. :)}

Paint your popsicle sticks.  You won’t need to paint the 3 1/2 inch sticks.
You’ll use those to glue your stripes on.  They’ll be in the back, so you won’t see them.

You’ll glue your blue sticks on top of your stripes.
{We just used Elmer’s glue to hold our flags together.}

Glue on your stars.
Then let the flags dry really well.

I hot glued our flags to a long piece of red ribbon.
Then I tied 6 inch pieces of ribbon between
each flag after I hung our flag banner on the mantle.

Hope you have a great 4th of July!

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