monday’s mom {summertime}

Summertime is officially here this week for us.
School is out tomorrow. {Wahoo!}
I’m excited to introduce a
new summer series here on Ginger Snaps:
{monday’s mom}.
This weekend we celebrated my oldest son’s 14th birthday!
{I know…wow!…that really ages me!}
14 years ago my life changed forever…I’m a mom. 
 It’s the hardest, toughest, dirtiest & most rewarding job I’ve ever had that’s for sure.
Since my big kids don’t nap,
I see way more mom time than craft time for me over the next few months.
I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂
Summer is my most favorite time of the year
….all my kiddos are home..and we can do whatever we want! 🙂
So if you notice that my blog isn’t update quite as often
 & it takes me a little longer to answer emails
& I’m a little bit slower getting out my etsy & whoopdwhoop request
you’ll know that I’m doing more important things like
running through sprinklers,
visiting the library,
chasing fireflies,
roasting smores,
catching tadpoles,
wading in streams,
running kiddos to basketball camp,
swimming lessons & scout camp,
visiting the zoo,
going to the drive in movies,
watching fireworks,
taking our family vacation,
working in the garden,
swimming in the neighborhood pool, 
eating watermelon,
picking blueberries,
making strawberry jam & blackberry cobbler,
camping out,
playing games,
camping under the stars,
going to the county fair
& reading good books.
Last year one of my fabulous friends from church
started a blog called Mommy Connection
& asked us all to be contributors. 
As every mom knows things get busy,
life gets in the way
& eventually our blog fell by the wayside,
but during the year that our blog was up
& running fabulous ideas were shared,
frustrations vented and moms uplifted as we shared our
struggles & triumphs in our journey in motherhood. 
Each Monday this summer
I will share a favorite post from Mommy Connection with you
or a favorite quote about motherhood
or just something fun my kiddos did during the week. 
Hope you enjoy! 
So for my first {monday’s mom} post I’d like to share this amazing video:

Happy Monday, everyone!
What is your favorite thing to do in the summertime?

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