Seriously. I am in shock!  I can’t believe I won One Month to Win It!  Crazy! 🙂
First off, congratulations to the other two ladies in the finales, Molly & Kate!
I think we all agreed the competition was TONS of fun,
and best of all we got to meet some new crafty friends! 🙂
Thank you to everyone from OMTWI! 🙂  It was a blast!
Oh by the way….auditions for Season 7 start Monday!

Annnd for this project I have to thank my hubby!
I told you before how indecisive I was about which project to submit.
I had a couple already done.  Of course, I asked my hubby what he thought…
he wasn’t too impressed with what I had come up with (at least he’s honest) 😉

and he said why don’t you make a nativity….so once I had the idea
the rest just fell into place.  I really do love how it turned out! 
There’s another reason I love it, too.  I tell YOU in a minute! 🙂
This project was super easy & best of all, didn’t cost me a thing! 
Wahoo!  I just used scraps of wood from our shed,
and a few craft supplies that I already had on hand! 🙂

Here’s the {easy} tutorial on how I painted my blocks.
To make each piece:

I just got my block of wood. 
Painted the face of it a creamy white.  Let it dry. 
I used vinyl nativity pieces as stencils.  I cut these using my Silhouette & software. 
I applied my vinyl to my block of wood & then painted over it. 
It took about 2-3 coats of paint depending on the color I was using. 
Then I let it dry completely & then carefully removed the vinyl. 
Touched up any areas the paint might of bled through with a fine tipped paint brush. 
Sanded the edges with sand paper to give my blocks a worn appearance.
Then I went over the entire block with some light wood stain. 
I removed any excess stain with a rag.  That was it!  Super easy!

In my OMTWI post I didn’t have space to show you my cute star. 
I had bought this star in Nauvoo when we went this past summer,
& it made the perfect star for the nativity. 
I just got a block of wood, painted it, drilled a small hole
& stuck a stiff piece of wire in the hole & then hot glued my star on.  Perfect!

Here’s some more pictures!  I took a ton! 🙂

Here are the sizes of my blocks:

{All in inches}

Baby Jesus 4 x 2

Mary 5.5 x 2.5
Joseph 5.5 x 3
camel 5 x 7
star block 4.5 x 2.5
stable 18 x 10
wise man #1 5 x 2.5
wise man #2 5.5 x 5
wise man #3 4 x 3.5


shepherd #1 5.5 x 3

shepherd #2 4 x 2.5
shepherd #3 6 x 3

both sheep 2.5 x 3

donkey 5.5 x 4
cow 6 x 4


OK now here’s my favorite part about this nativity set-
it can be played with!!!  Nothing can be broken!
So it’s perfect for the kiddos to take out, stack up,
line up & act out the Christmas story with.
Annnd hopefully in the process learn
more about the true meaning of Christmas! 🙂

Yep, I spent $5.00 (or under) on this project. 
So I’m adding the $5.00 (or under) button to this post. Yay!

Reminder:  If you have any $5.00 (or under)
Christmas projects, click the button & link up. 🙂

Thanks again to everyone from OMTWI
and to all of YOU for voting each week!!!

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