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Good morning! It’s a rare Wednesday post! Don’t worry! The weekly {wow me} wednesday link party is going on right {HERE} as usual. 😉 Buuuut this fun project was just too cute not to share right now! ha! My sister, Abby is having a baby! I’m so happy for her little family. She is decorating the baby’s room in rainbows, & she asked all of the family to make rainbows for the baby’s room. My kiddos have been busy drawing fun colorful rainbows to send, & I decided to make this adorable Rainbow Wall Hanging with lots of fun Offray ribbon. Annnd if the baby is a girl….this could double as a cute clippie holder, too! We will have to wait a few weeks to see if that will work out. 😉 So keep reading to see how I made it!

Rainbow Wall Hanging at #offray   #ribbon #sponsored

rainbow craft

You’ll need a few supplies:
Offray 1 & 1/2 inch Grosgrain Ribbon (red, torrid orange, maize, lemon grass, electric blue, regal purple & royal orchid)
thin plywood
jig saw
cloud pattern (or freehand a cloud shape)
white acrylic paint
paint brush
sawtooth hanger
sander & sandpaper
glue gun & glue


Offray Ribbon

I used a cloud shape from Silhouette to cut out a huge cloud pattern in vinyl, & then I traced it onto my plywood with a pencil. Then I removed the vinyl. If you don’t have a Silhouette you can easily freehand a cloud. It’s a pretty simple shape. Make the bottom flat & then add some puffiness to the sides & top. 😉 Then cut out your cloud shape using a jig saw. Be sure to be careful & use your safety glasses.

supplies #paint #craft

Sand your cloud. I tried to round the edges as I sanded. Then paint your cloud white & let dry.

ribbon #grosgrain #offray #ribbon

Next, I hot glued the ribbon to the back of my cloud. You might notice my ribbons are not in the right order above! When I flipped it around to hang up my ROYGBIV was going the wrong direction. Yep! So make sure you put them in reverse order as you glue because when you flip it around they will be correct. 😉

ribbon crafts

After I got my ribbon in the right order, I hot glued a piece of ribbon along the top to finish it off. Then I hot glued a hanger to the back as well. (The plywood was too thin to nail one on!)

nursery wall hanging

Next I trimmed my ribbon. I liked my ribbon pretty long. It measured about 3 or 4 feet or so. I love, love how it turned out! So cute! My little model is pretty cute, too! 🙂

#rainbow #craft #DIY #ribbon

rainbow craft

rainbow #craft

You can check out some more of my favorite ribbon tutorials by clicking the pictures below. 🙂
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What are your favorite themes for kids’ room?
Let me know in the comments below.
I love sports, Noah’s Ark, flowers, cowboys & dinosaurs. 😉

Rainbow Wall Hanging at #offray   #ribbon #sponsored

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