Secret Santa Gift {s’mores}

smore gift idea

A big thank you to everyone who linked up to the $5.00 & under link party!!
You guys are so clever & creative & come up with the best ideas!
I wish I was one of your neighbors! 🙂
I’ve so enjoyed browsing the links all month long.

I especially loved
Angela’s Sewing for Sanity’s
of giving the gift of s’mores! Yum!
Since our family LOVES s’mores
we thought this would be the PERFECT gift idea
to use for all of our neighbors & friends!

Here’s Angela’s version:

For our version you’ll need:
graham crackers
jumbo marshmallows
mini Hershey bars
fun holiday gift boxes
(I found ours at Hobby Lobby for half off!)
holiday tissue paper


Each box has one pack of graham crackers,
8 Hershey bars & 8 marshmallows.
We put a piece of tissue in first, then the crackers,
chocolate & finally the marshmallows.
Closed it all up & added this gift tag:

There s’more, much s’more,
to Christmas than candlelight and cheer. 
It’s the spirit of sweet friendship that brightens all the year. 
It’s thoughtfulness and kindness.   It’s hope reborn again. 
It’s for thoughts of the sweet Christ child born so long ago. 
It’s for peace, for understanding and for goodwill to all men.

Merry Christmas! 
Love, Your Secret Santa

IMG_2525   IMG_2528   IMG_2530

We will be secretly delivery these tonight!  Shhhhhh!!! 🙂
We go all out with our camo Santa hats
& painted on red reindeer noses!
The kiddos take turns running to the door,
ringing the doorbell, running back to the car
& trying not to get caught!
It’s always so much fun!  🙂 

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

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