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Happy Friday! Halloween is just around the corner. Eek! So today I’d love to share these Simple Spider Toppers with you. These are a great little kid craft to do with your kiddos, & they are so easy to make. You don’t really need any special tools or supplies either. Yay! So let’s get started.

Simple Spider Toppers at #spiders #Halloween

You’ll need a few supplies:
a 2 inch circle punch
paper straws
black card stock
googly eyes
paper trimmer
vinyl mouths (optional)

spider craft
First, you’ll punch out a bunch of paper circles. You’ll need two for each spider you are going to make. Then cut "legs" about 2 inches or so long using a paper trimmer. First, you’ll glue your "legs" to the back of a paper circle using a glue stick.
spider kid craft
Then glue the other paper circle right on top of that to hide all the messiness. 😉
spiders for Halloween
Trim your legs if you need to with some scissors.
Add a cute face! Cut the paper straws in half & glue to the back of your spider.
spider cake topper
Now the only thing left to do is stick these cuties into some cupcakes! ha!
simple Halloween party ideas
These would be perfect for any Halloween party or even as a cute & spooky hang tag.
Let me know if you try to make these Simple Spider Toppers!
Have a great weekend! I’ll see you back here on Monday! 🙂
Simple Spider Toppers at #spiders #Halloween

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