Before I started blogging I never knew you could have a friend…that you haven’t even met in real life yet, but that’s how I feel about Sky!  We always joke that someday we’ll meet & have a serious girl’s night with LOTS of crafting!  Can’t wait!  Sky lives in Idaho where my husband & I went to school, dated, got engaged & lived when we first got married.  Every time I stop by Sky’s blog, Capital B  I get that little homesick feeling.  Love Idaho & the memories I made while there… & I’ll be back someday {soon I hope!}.  In the meantime I’ve got Captial B to visit when I need a little Idaho &  a whole LOT of crafty goodness & friendship! 

Thank you, Sky for helping me celebrate!__________________________________________________________________________________

I smiled when I got an email from Ginger asking me to participate in her celebration week and I’m smiling now as I put it together… I love her blog and I love Ginger! .

I am Sky and my blog, Capital B, is a minuscule, but hopefully genuine and enjoyable place where I share both crafty “frosting” and the goings on of my family life surrounded by boys! I do want to share some of my recent happenings there, but first I thought I’d wax poetic about Ginger here…
She graciously blog swapped with me when she first started the blog this last winter/spring. And from then on, every time I came back (really, most every day) the word that came to my mind was “wildfire.” She has grown like wildfire! And there is no question why, huh?! When I stop by Ginger Snaps, I always get a sense that it is sincere and relative. This is a place I can be comfortable and inspired by. When my family moved this past summer, she thoughtfully sent me a custom vinyl cut I had asked her about for free! My husband has said to me more than once that he thinks I should meet Ginger someday and I’d be pleased as punch if I ever really got the chance!

The only reason it’s a question at all? Well, she lives in Arkansas and I live in Idaho! Even if we met in the middle, we’d end up where… eastern Colorado, western Kansas? Oh baby!

As for my own little smoldering at Capital B, my projects lately have included:

Free Printables like this one from the one and only Dumbledore
And a nifty idea my husband gave me that makes stringing a casing much quicker!

Confession? The thing that I do most often these days seems to be collecting ideas on and for Pinterest! I love finding ideas for my boys and really just everything there! I hope you’ll find me one place or another and maybe even feel the same sort of comfort there that we all feel here at Ginger Snaps 🙂


Anyhow, Ginger, I am so thrilled that this blog has become what it already is and know that the “wildfire” will only continue! I hope Ginger Snaps always brings you joy!

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