One of my first blog friends was Emilee from Sweetly Made Just for you!  She is super sweet! 
She is also super talented.  I’m always amazed at those who can knit & sew!  Wish I could!
I have tried a little sewing…but knitting seems a little tough!  {OK… a lot tough!}
So here she is….take it away, Emilee. 🙂
Hey bloggers…it’s Emilee from
“Sweetly Made (Just for you).”
I was thrilled when Ginger gave me the opportunity to
share with you my creations.
My love for knitting started in 2005 when I decided that it was
time to learn how to knit. My grandma knitted all of our
Christmas stockings and I knew that I needed to continue the tradition.
So, I asked my grandma if she would teach me and she was thrilled.
Next thing I knew, I knitted my very first Christmas stocking for my niece Emma.
I kept going…and knitted four more that year
(with the help of Michaels since I had moved a few states away from my grandma).
I was on a roll!
I started my blog found {HERE} in 2007 and started receiving orders.
I even designed some custom orders such as

{Christmas Kitty}
{Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella}
{The Grinch}
A friend told me about Etsy so I checked it out. I finally added my shop found {HERE}.
I haven’t been too successful but I’m still learning and
I receive most of my orders through my blog.
Some of my Etsy creations are…
Overall, I love to knit. I have a passion to create.
And, my favorite thing to knit are Custom Christmas stockings

because they allow me to design a brand new stocking. Plus, it brings joy and
happiness to other people’s lives. And I know they will cherish them for
a lifetime. Let me sweetly knit something “just for you.”
Thanks Ginger!
I have a coupon code for all of your readers to use on any Etsy product.
The code is Sweet10 for 10% off anything in my Etsy shop.
Have fun shopping!
(Note: The code is only for Etsy and cannot be used towards custom orders)

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