Strawberry Jam No Churn Ice Cream {recipe}

Hello! It’s spring! Eek! Every year we get tons of strawberries from our strawberry patch in our backyard. Most of them end up as strawberry freezer jam. ha! We love strawberry jam! It’s yummy on toast, even better poured over cake & it’s great to use in recipes. Annnnd today I’d love to share how I made this yummy Strawberry Jam No Churn Ice Cream recipe. So let’s get started! 😉
strawberry jam no churn ice cream at

strawberry ice cream recipe
For this recipe you will need:
Sweetened Condensed Milk, 1 can
Heavy Whipping Cream, 16 oz. carton
1 pint strawberry freezer jam (I used this recipe.)
fresh strawberries
strawberry ice cream
In a big bowl whip the whipping cream until light & fluffy. It takes a little while, be patient. 😉 Then in another bowl mix together the can of sweeten condensed milk with the strawberry jam. Stir that mixture into the whipped whipping cream until combined. Pour into a pan, cover & freeze for at least six hours.
strawberry recipes
When ready to serve top with fresh strawberries & enjoy. Yum! 🙂
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strawberry jam no churn ice cream at

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