take a look {rock patio}

Recently we added a {rock patio} to our back yard.
I say we but my handy hubby, Clay, did most of the work. 😉
{I added my opinion here & there.}
Hey…that’s important. 🙂

Here’s how “we” did it! 

We have a deck on the back of our house
& we had this little area of yard underneath
the living room windows that just needed something. 
We thought about extending the deck out,
but instead we decided to put in a rock patio.
{Best of all we got these rocks for free
from some property we own!}
We have lots of rocks where we live.

Step One: Clay {my cute hubby} clearing out some of the grass. It was hard work!
 Step 2: Clay tilling it up…to make the grass a little easier to remove. 🙂

Step 3: All the grass is gone…Clay leveled it a little bit.
Step 4: A layer of plastic is laid down to prevent weeds later on.
Step 5: The first rock is laid….now “we” have many more to go. 🙂

Step 6:  Clay spent hours arranging and rearranging the rocks
to get them to all fit together just right.

Step 7: The next step was to put a special sand in between the rocks.
{I say special because it was expensive!}
The kids have been warned NOT to dig in the sand! 🙂

Step 8: Clay then made a new set of steps leading down to the new patio.
{I told you he was handy!}
 The new steps are all done!

Step 9:  We added new sod along the edge of the new patio.

Step 10: Enjoy! 
{We’re loving our new outdoor space.}

Cookout, anyone? 🙂

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