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Today I’m sharing my first project as a Lifestyle Crafts affiliate!
So excited! Can’t wait to tell you about my first time using my Epic Six.
{I’m not going to lie…I was super nervous to use it!}
It set in the box for a couple of weeks before I got it out to take a peek.
Before this project I had NEVER used a letterpress, embossed
or used cutting dies before! Yikes! I know, I know where have I been?
So I’m happy to say for this project I was able to use all 3 techniques!

teacher gift card and notepad
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We’ve only had one snow day the entire school year.
So that means my kiddos are getting out of school May 17th! Yay!!
So it’s time to get to work on some teacher appreciation gifts.
So for this project I decided to make a teacher gift set for my son’s teacher.

teacher gift handmade card 

First up, I made a thank you card using our school colors ~ black, white & red.

I used my L Letterpress to letterpress the black circle using one of the plates
from the Posy Printing Plates set. Using the letterpress was a little tricky for me.
{If you’ve never used a letterpress before
either here’s some how-to videos from Lifestyle Crafts.}

Here are some tricks & tips that I have learned so far:

  1. Use only a little bit of ink {a little goes a LONG way}.
  2. Put your ink on evenly & lightly with your roller brush.  You want a nice even coat.
  3. Clean up any smears or smudges before you close the lid of your letterpress.
  4. Hobby Lobby {& other craft stores} sell Lifestyle Craft products, so it you run out of letterpress paper you can go there to get some more. Winking smile
  5. You’ll need something to clean the ink up with {soap & water aren’t going to work}.  Lifestyle Crafts sells cleaning cloths you can use to clean your letterpress & supplies.
  6. Practice, practice, practice {The more I used it the easier it was to do.}

teacher gift card

One of the things I LOVE about the Epic Six is
that is is compatible with other brands of cutting dies & embossing folders.
I was able to use an embossing folder that I found at Hobby Lobby
to emboss the red paper on my card. Isn’t that so cool?
So, if you’re thinking about switching over to the Epic Six go ahead
because you’ll still be able to use dies & folders that you already have.

teacher gift diy notepad 

I also made 3 matching notepads for my son’s teacher.
{You can check out the diy notepad tutorial here. It was super easy!}
I used another circle & the letters PR {our school initials}
to make the cute little matching hanging tag to tie around the notepads.


So now I’ve got one teacher gift down, just have 2 more to go! Smile

What are YOU doing for teacher gifts this year??

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