Happy Thanksgiving!  I love this time of year & the chance we get to really think about all we are thankful for & how many blessing we really do have!  Today I have many, many things to be thankful for! 

I’m thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all the blessings it brings to my life. 

Beside Still Waters

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I’m thankful for the knowledge that families can be together forever, and we will see our loved ones again. 

I’m thankful for a husband that loves me & goes along with all my crazy ideas (well, most of them anyways!). 🙂 

I’m thankful for kiddos who are healthy enough to make big messes, & of course, give equally big hugs & kisses!  Oh what a crazy bunch we are….I love them all so much! 🙂

 Bowie (3)

I’m thankful for my 14 year old son who still stops & gives me a hug & says I love you, Mom. (Annnd he still brings me flowers!) 🙂


I’m thankful for my 10 year old daughter who keeps my up to date on all the 5th grade drama. 🙂  I love our “girl talks”.  🙂  I’m thankful for her kind & helpful personality.


I’m thankful for my 8 year old son’s big brown eyes & sweet smile.  I’m also thankful for his mischievous side! 😉


I’m thankful for my 4 year old little lady who would rather hang out with me than be anywhere else in the world.  🙂  I’m also thankful for her sassy attitude!


I’m thankful for my 2 year old tornado who can make a mess so fast but he’s also just as quick to give a hug & a kiss.  Oh how I love this little boy!


I’m thankful for the opportunity I have to be a mom with all the challenges & fun times that come with it.  🙂 (Aren’t they beautiful??) 🙂


I’m thankful for family.  We are so blessed on both sides of our family.  Our parents are the greatest.  We wouldn’t be where we are today with out all of their help, advice & support. 

I’m thankful for my sisters, brother, for my sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws.  You guys are the best! 

I’m thankful for a warm home, good food to eat & comfortable surroundings.

I’m thankful for good friends.

I’m thankful for this country and all the freedoms we enjoy.

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I’m thankful for this little blog!

I’m thankful for all the talents we have been blessed with, & the fun we have sharing them with each other. 🙂

I’m thankful to each of YOU & for all of your support & friendship you have given me! 

I hope each one of YOU has a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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