Tips for Packing a Nutritious Lunch That Your Kids Will Love

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Hello! Happy Friday! My kiddos go back to school on Monday! Eek! I can’t believe how fast summer has gone. Now it is back to the old grind of making 5 lunches every morning! ha! It can be a real struggle to pack lunches that are healthy & nutritious & that my kiddos will eat. ha! Do you feel the same way sometimes? So today I am excited to share some of my Tips for Packing a Nutritious Lunch That Your Kids Will Love with some help from TruMoo Chocolate Milk. So keep reading!

Tips for Packing a Nutritious Lunch That Your Kids Will   Love #lunchideas #backtoschool #ad

lunch ideas for #backtoschool

I’ve been packing lunches for a quite a while now. My oldest will be a senior on Monday. Eek! So here are 5 tips that I’ve used throughout the years when deciding what to pack in my kiddos’ lunches. Here we go! 🙂

lunch time tips

1. Include a fun & nutritious drink like TruMoo Chocolate Milk! I’ll tell you more about TruMoo is just a bit! 🙂
2. Switch out chips with whole wheat crackers.
3. Sneak in some nutrient rich spinach instead of lettuce in their sandwiches. I also use whole wheat bread for their lunches.
4. Serve them veggies or fruit instead of sweets or prepackaged foods.
5. Dip! My kiddos are more likely to eat their veggies with some low calorie dip packed in their lunch. 

Now let me tell you a little bit about TruMoo ~ my kiddos’ favorite things about lunch time!

TruMoo 2

TruMoo Chocolate Milk is made with fresh white milk ~ sourced from your local dairy ~ pure cocoa, & with just enough natural sugar to make it taste yummy! I have always tried to avoid buying anything with high fructose corn syrup for our family, & I love that TruMoo doesn’t have any in it at all! Yay! It also doesn’t contain any artificial growth hormones either. I feel great about serving this to my family & packing it in my kiddos’ lunches. They love it, too! 🙂

milk with no fructose corn syrup

TruMoo also has plenty of protein to help give my kiddos that extra boost of energy during school, at breakfast, as an after school snack or before a big game. Did I mention soccer season is starting back up? TruMoo would be perfect for the sidelines!

trumoo milk

TruMoo is a nutritious & delicious treat for moms, dads & kids alike. It’s delicious in a nice, cold glass or even as a base for a smoothie or other recipe. I love these single serve cartons that don’t even need to be refrigerated. They are perfect for lunches!

lunch ideas for #backtoschool

You can find TruMoo in gallon, half gallon & single serve in various sizes (like the ones I picked up for my kids’ lunches).

back to school lunch ideas

You can find TruMoo in the dairy case at grocery stores & in your neighborhood convenience store nationwide. You can also find TruMoo served at your local Wendy’s location. Nice!

trumoo milk for lunches

If you would like to connect with TruMoo you can find
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TruMoo Chocolate Milk

You can download these cute lunch box printables right {HERE}.
They’d be perfect to add to your kiddos’ lunch boxes, too. 🙂

8 cute lunchbox notes at

What do you like to include in your kid’s lunches?
I’d love to hear (& get ideas!). Leave a comment below. 🙂

Tips for Packing a Nutritious Lunch That Your Kids Will   Love #lunchideas #backtoschool #ad

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