If you are like me, annnnnd I’m sure you are! 😉 You love creating & having plenty of craft supplies on hand, so you can craft & create whenever the feeling strikes. But finding the space to store all those craft supplies can be a challenge! Today we are going to talk all about DIY Craft Storage & how to turn a coat closet into craft storage. Let’s get started. 🙂

The first step in craft storage is finding the perfect space in your home. Sometimes having a designated room for crafts just isn’t feasible, but don’t let that stop you. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box. I’ve turned computer armoires into craft storage, added a peg board to my master bedroom wall, used a few cabinets in the kitchen and even stored craft supplies under my bed. In our new home, I wanted a little bit better spot for my craft supplies. One that was out of the way and had a door that I could close up! Our hall closet became the perfect spot for all of my craft storage. In a bit I’ll show you how easy that was to do, but first let’s talk about some DIY craft storage tips that you use anywhere in your home.

1. Group similar objects.

One of the first tips of organizing is to group similar objects together. Sort all your supplies like glue, paint, paper, markers, glue guns, fabric, etc. Once all your supplies are sorted, you can decided how you want to store and organize them.

2. Make labels.

I feel that labels are a must! I use them everywhere in my home. You can find them in the pantry, in my kiddos rooms and yes, even with my craft storage! I use vinyl lettering to make my labels. You could also go a more simpler route by using chalkboard labels or peel and stick labels & a Sharpie. One of my biggest organizing tips is to give every single thing in your home a spot. Lots of these spots can be labeled.  I love that labels help everyone in my family put things back in the right spot. It makes it so much easier to clean up and everyone knows where everything goes. Yep, labels are one of my biggest organizing helps. Love them!

3. Crates with wheels!

I know that sounds silly! But by adding wheels to wooden crates you can add even more storage to your home. I love using these crates in the bottom of my closets and in my kid’s rooms, in the pantry & even for craft storage. For this craft closet, those crates on the floor hold all of my daughter’s slime supplies. Are your kids obsessed? ha! Storing the slime supplies in here keeps it out of her room & off her brand new carpet! ha!

4. Add bins, jars and baskets where you need them.

I’m also a big fan of using bins, baskets and jars to organize everything. I’m not picky, I love all kinds of storage options. I like to mix and match them. I like using glass jars to hold cute school supplies. The wire baskets are great for storing paint. The big fabric totes work awesome as holding things that you don’t necessarily want to look at. What kind of storage bins are your favorite?

5. Remember to put everything back in it’s spot.

The final step in to maintain this. The biggest tip is to just put everything back in it’s spot. If you do this, everything will stay neat & tidy & organized.

Alright, let me show you how easy it was to transform this hall closet into the ultimate craft storage spot in our home! Do you have a closet just itching to transform as well? Let me show you how easy this weekend project is!

Step one: Gather your supplies.

For this project you will need:

wood shelving (I found this wood at Lowes.)
1×2 boards
table saw
wood screws
wood stain
old rags

Step two: Clear everything out of your closet.

We were lucky in that we had a blank slate to work with. If you have a clothes rod or shelving in place already, remove them and patch the walls if you need to.

Step three: Install the support braces.

We used 1x2s as support braces for our shelves. You’ll measure the back of your closet and the sides. Cut your boards to length. Remember to cut your boards at a 45 degree angle to fit in the corners.

Use a stud finder to mark your studs, a level to keep your board straight & then a drill & wood screws to put all the braces in place.

This is how it will look with all three sides installed.

Continue until all your braces are in place. We did our shelves about 18 inches apart. The good thing about this project is you can configure the shelves anyway you’d like to!

Step four: Cut your shelve boards.

Next, you’ll cut your boards to fit into your closet. The bottom three shelves went from the back wall clear up to the front of the closet. The top shelves were not as deep, so it would be easier to get things down from that high up.

Step 5: Stain your shelves.

You can either paint or stain your shelves. I love staining wood. It’s quicker, and it always looks amazing. I used the Jacobean stain again. It’s my favorite! I took the boards back out and stained them in the garage. Let your boards dry really well.

Step 6: Caulk and then paint your support braces.

While my shelves were drying, I caulked everything really well, and then painted my support boards white.

Step 7: Put your boards in place.

Once all that was dry, it was time to put my shelf boards in places and fill up this closet! Our shelves fit so snuggly that we didn’t worry about screwing them in place.

Now, all that was left was to fill up all the shelves. 🙂

Do you have a spot in your home that could become a great spot for extra storage? Have you ever thought about turning a hall closet into a craft room? Let me know if you try out any of my DIY craft storage tips. I’d also love to hear if you add shelves in your hall closet. Let me know if you have an questions or tips! Pin the post for later! 🙂

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