tutorial {coffee filter snowflakes}

coffee filter snowflakes tutorial

Sooooooo we have been
waiting & waiting & waiting for some snow!
Annnnd since it looks like we are going to have
a warm winter we had to take matters into our own hands!
We decide to make our own snow! 
The kiddos & I made these fun {coffee filter} snowflakes this week!
(Thank you to my good friend, Ruth for this fabulous idea!)

IMG_2933  IMG_2935  IMG_2936

All you need are coffee filters & scissors.
I had plenty of coffee filters left over from
this project. 🙂
You just fold your coffee filter in half 3 times & start cutting.
Then unfold it to see your beautiful snowflake. 🙂
(We hung them above our kitchen table with white thread.)


(We are still hoping for some real snow days though!)

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