tutorial {primary helper sticks}

primary helper sticks

I was recently called to serve as Primary President at Church.
Primary is the children’s organization for kiddos age 3 to 11.)
I LOVE serving with the kids.  They are so much fun, have TONS of energy
& have such a sweet simple faith.  Annnnd they each want a TURN!!! 🙂
(I’m getting old…I can’t remember who I’ve called on sometimes! ) 😉
So here’s a super simple way to make sure everyone gets a turn.

You could also use this for a preschool class, school group
….really any activity that has LOTS of kiddos! 😉


I bought a cute tin bucket at Hobby Lobby,
& then I hot glued a clean tin can inside of it.


Then I painted the ends of some jumbo popsicle sticks. 
We have 4 classes.  I assigned each class a color.


Then I printed the kid’s names on stickers
& stuck those to the other end of the stick.

IMG_2785   IMG_2789

At the first of Primary I put all the sticks in the middle. 
As I draw names I put the names of those who have
already been picked on the outside rim.
That way I know who’s had a turn & who hasn’t.  🙂


And of course, I had to have little vinyl in there.
I cut Our Primary Helpers in red, yellow & blue vinyl
in the smiley monster font.  Then I added a bow!

Super easy & cute! 🙂
(Annnd it works great!)

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