whoop it up wednesday: Andria from the McGreen Experience

A couple of weeks ago I was surprised to get a whoopdwhoop request from Andria who lives in the United Kingdom…yes, I sent something all the way across the ocean!  Isn’t that cool?  Andria describes herself like this:

I’m a craftaholic mother of two lovely young girls.
I have become the domestic goddess I never knew I wanted to be.

Andria also has a blog, the McGreen Experience, that is filled with yummy recipes, craft projects, money saving ideas, patterns…a little of everything.  So, go check it out, & I’m sure you will find something you enjoy.  🙂  Andria was kind of enough to let me post this necklace board tutorial she did of the one she made for her little girls & all their jewelry.  Enjoy!

Necklace Board

I love being organized.  I love to organize other people.  I love to blog hop and look at how other people organize.  I am just that kind of person.
Now I don’t know about you guys, but when I was little I didn’t have much jewellery, real or otherwise.  I had a gold locket from my Grandma that I still have, but nothing else until I was well into my teens. My kids have LOADS of jewellery (not including all the costume stuff I’ve been hoarding that was my Grandma’s).  They got loads more this past birthday.  Bracelets, necklaces, even watches, though they can’t tell time.  Before we had it in a plastic box, to keep it all together, but of course that just made a huge mess out of.  I got tired to untangling things every time they wanted something. Then we got creative!

We call this the “dress up box” but really it is just a mess.

We bought a cork board at the shop for £2.20, and then used what we had at home to prettify it.  Since it is going in the girls room, I let them pick the fabric and ribbon. 


Then I just glued some fabric straight onto the cork with craft glue, and when that was dry, I hot glued the ribbon around the edge.

After that I got hubby to hang it up for me (I was looking at the hanging pack like it was an alien, and I swear I’m not clueless) and I stuck in a bunch of push pins I had in the drawer.  Viola!

And the whole thing only cost £2.20, the rest was already in the craft cupboard.  Yippee!!

Thank you so much, Andria.

Go check her out here on whoopdwhoop.com

or click below to visit the McGreen Experience.

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