whoop it up wednesday: Sky from Capital B

I met Sky through whoopdwhoop.com ,
& she is seriously one of the most talented & creative
 people that I’ve ever met. 
I’ve swapped her for two of her lovely creations.
This adorable crayon roll for my daughter, Cara.
(She loves it!)

 and these ingenious bib clips
for my littlest son, Cole.
(Isn’t she so smart?)
They work out wonderfully.
They would make a perfect shower gift or a bag topper.
Sky has a cute little shop over on Etsy called CreativeSky.
(You should really check it out!)
I’ve asked Sky to share with us
how she makes these ingenious bib clips.
So here she is!
Thanks for stopping by, Sky!
Hello hello GingerSnaps readers! My name is Sky and my blog is called Capital B. It’s a place where I share the crafts and projects as well as the simple goodness of my family life. It’s a boys life around our house, between my best friend and husband, Stephen, our two adorable little guys and two older stepsons as well.
I “met” Ginger through whoopdwhoop. I was so thrilled when she requested a cute crayon roll from me- how fun to let her kids each pick something! And some of her chalkboard labels are on their way to me right now! I’m excited to keep up with her better through blogging now! I don’t often share tutorials because I generally just try for myself ideas that I’ve seen elsewhere. Ginger asked me to share a tutorial on some fun “Bib Clips” I’ve made- these seem to be a hit with anyone I’ve ever given them to! They are super simple to make- hopefully the pics can do the talking!
Now you can place them around the back of your little one’s neck, attach a paper towel or unfolded napkin and you have an instant bib!
These are great for stashing in your bag and using at restaurants. Anything that makes motherhood a little easier (and is cheap and DIY), sounds pretty good to me!
I hope you’ll stop by and catch Ginger at Capital B today too! I love getting to know people that I can learn from and share with! Thanks for a fun blog swap Ginger!
Don’t foget to check out GingerSnaps over on Sky’s blog!
Thanks for the swap, Sky!

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