Today I’d love to share a spooky Mummy JELL-O JIGGLERS treat that I made for my kiddos a few days ago as a surprise after school snack! These are sure to be a hit for Halloween, and the perfect spooky “trick or treat” snack that will have all the neighborhood kids wanting to hang out at your house with your kiddos! ha! 🙂 Keep reading to see how easy these were to put together! #JELLOHalloween

Mummy Jell-O Jigglers #gingersnapcrafts #spon #jello

For this recipe you will need:
2 6 oz. boxes of JELL-O Lime
icing strips
candy eyeballs
jumbo circle cookie cutter

Jell-O #spon
First you will make your JELL-O by following the JIGGLER recipe right on the side of the box. That’s pretty easy to do! ha! 😉 It will need to set up in your refrigerator for a several hours so I made my JELL-O the day before so it would be ready to go for the next day.

#jello #spon
When I was ready to make our mummies I dipped my pan in a sink of warm water for about 15 seconds, & then using my jumbo circle cookie cutter I cut out some mummy heads! Oooooo! Spooky! 😉

#jello #halloween #spon

Next I put my icing strips down on a plate. TIP: I found these icing strips in the seasonal section of the store in a mummy cupcake decorating kit.

#jello #mummy

Then I used my jumbo circle cookie cutter to cut the strips to fit my mummy face! Perfect! 🙂

#spon #jello

Then I put my icing strips on my JELL-O JIGGLER mummies, added a few random smaller strips & then the candy eyeballs!

#jello halloween treat
Aren’t they spooktacular? 😉 I know my kiddos LOVED them! They were so excited when they saw them! We had fun having a little family time, and we enjoyed our Mummy JELL-O JIGGLERS a lot. The first thing my kiddos asked was “Can we eat the eyeballs?” Ewwww! 😉

mummy halloween treats #spon

For more fun JELL-O JIGGLERS ideas you can visit You’ll find some Creepy Crawly JIGGLERS, MMMMonster JIGGLERS, Halloween JIGGLERS Hands and Halloween Cat Eyes JIGGLERS. Spooooky! 😉

Mummy Jell-O Jigglers #gingersnapcrafts #spon #jello

Have you ever had some fun family moments with JELL-O? I’d love to hear!

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This project & post were created for Ginger Snap Crafts by Ginger Bowie.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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