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Good morning! How is your summer going? Ours has been quiet! ha! My little kiddos are gone this week visiting their grandparents, and my 2nd oldest daughter was at Girl’s Camp all last week! My older three are busy with football, school & work. So, it’s been too quiet! ha! I did want to pop on here really quick to share this cute Be a Light Lantern idea with you. In full disclosure, this was not my idea at all. Our cute camp leaders came up with it. I was asked to design the vinyl for it though, and I thought I’d share the Cricut cut file with you. This is the perfect craft for Girl’s Camp. Let me show you how easy it was to put together. I also have 5 more Girl’s Camp craft ideas. So keep reading! 🙂

For this project you will need:
mason jars
mason jar handles (I found some on Amazon here.)
twinkle lights (I found some similar ones right here on Amazon.)
frosted spray paint (This is the kind I use.)
this cut file from Cricut Design Space
Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Maker 
vinyl (any color)

The only prep work for this craft was to cut all the vinyl labels. I’m not going to lie. Weeding 138 of these for all the young women at our camp took forever! ha! I’m glad my two girls helped me with it. 🙂 We cut it out using all the value colors plus black. That way the girls could pick & chose which color they liked best.

You could also pre-spray all the jars before camp or let the girls do it while there. I love the frosted spray paint. It’s always fun to work with. 🙂

At camp let the girls apply the vinyl, attach the handle, put in the lights & add some ribbon around the handle in all of the value colors. (In our young women organization the girls have 8 values with corresponding colors that they work on. You can find out more here.)

At our Girl’s Camp, they do a Singing Meadow each year. Each girl held their lanterns as they sang songs at dusk! So pretty! 🙂

Enjoy these other fun girl’s camp crafts! Click the link below the picture for the full tutorial. 🙂

Tie Dye Balloon Flip Flops

Washer Necklaces

Duck Tape Pencil Pouches

Tie Dyed Scarf

Hand Stamped Necklace

What are some of your favorite Girl’s Camp crafts?

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