my not-so-perfect pumpkin {Silhouette tutorial}

paper pumpkin {Silhouette tutorial}

Earlier this month I showed you how
to make simple paper pumpkin with the Silhouette.
Annnd after that post I got a request from one of YOU
for a tutorial on how to make the pumpkin globe
that can also be found in the Silhouette online store.

silhouette clipart

I was so excited to actually get a request. ha! I know it’s the little things.
Anyways, I set out to make my globe pumpkin.
I’m not too sure I did it the right way, buuut here’s what I did. ha!
First I cut out the circles with scrapbook paper & my Silhouette.
I ended up needing 16 circles and 1 circle with the “star” in the middle.
You’ll also have one stem piece.  I used an Elmer’s X-TREME glue stick for this project.

paper pumpkin tutorial

The stem piece was pretty easy to figure out. Yay!

tutorial stem

One~ You’ll fold all your little side tabs on your stem piece in & glue together.
Two~ You’ll fold the sides of your “star” circle up.
Three~ Then you’ll stick your stem through the hole & glue down your end tabs.

pumpkin tutorial 3

Next I took 5 regular circles, folded the edges up and glued them side to side to side.
I did this 3 different times.  So when I was done I had 3 sets of 5 circles each.

paper pumpkin tutorial 4

Then I glue each set to one side of the stem piece like this.

pumpkin tutorial 5

Then I matched up sides & glue them until they all came together like this.
I took my last circle & glued it right in this spot.  Perfect! {I thought!}


Buuuut when I tried to set my pumpkin up it fell right over!
I had to prop it up for these pictures….which inspired the name~
my not-so-perfect pumpkin! ha!

paper pumpkin

A cute not-so-perfect pumpkin though!

paper pumpkin from Silhouette

So do you have any suggestions? 
Have you tried this globe pumpkin before?


If you have leave a link, I’d love to check it out!

Thank you so much stopping by my blog!
If this is your first time visiting I’d love to keep in touch.

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